We collect donations for more gender self-determination!

Save the date: On Sunday July 14, 2019 from 13:00 to 18:00 we are holding a solidarity fundraising festival, featuring a flea market, food, drinks and workshops, at the New Yorck in the Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2A, 10997 Berlin.

We are Geschlechtliche Selbstbestimmung finanzieren (English: Finance Gender Self-Determination), a group that emerged from the local Berlin activist group Aktion Standesamt 2018 (English: Operation Registry Office).
We are trans*, intersex and nonbinary (TIN) people from Berlin, as well as our allies.

In order to achieve self-determination in our official gender registration, legislation has to be changed and lawsuits have to be filed.
This is because the hurdles that the current Personal Status Law (PStG) sets for changing a person’s name and gender in state-registration are too high.
This law only addresses some intersex people and it requires a certificate from a physician regarding our medical sex.
We do not want to have to resort to medical approval to confirm our gender.
To bring the change we want we need to collect further funds.

At the moment, the political situation is changing fast.
If the law gets somehow miraculously reformed to fulfill our goals, making our lawsuits redundant, we will use the collected donations to start a legal-aid fund, which would help trans, intersex and nonbinary people to access their rights, for example, when dealing with health insurance providers or for lawsuits regarding other problematic laws (e.g. parenting according to the Civil Code).

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You want to support us?
We need help with various tasks:
Assembling and disassembling stands, etc. for the festival, flyer preparation and flyer distribution, cake-baking, giving workshops, live interpretation, facilitating accessibility, medical and awareness support and more!
Just drop us a line at info@tinsolifest.de.

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Accessibility info is available under the following link: Accessibility-Information .
Please contact us in case of concrete needs or questions about improved accessibility.

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