Accessibility Information (Summer)

Accessibility info for wheelchair-users:

Parts of the workshops take place inside the New Yorck. There will be wheelchair-accessible bathrooms inside.

Unfortunately, the rooms of the New Yorck are on the 1st floor with no direct connection to an elevator. It is however possible to ask for an elevator key in the main building of the Bethanien in order to get to the New Yorck. There are doorpeople in the main building 24/7 who will unlock the elevators when going up as well es when going down. We have a phone number for the doorpeople at the Infostand.

While we are inside the building, the elevator cannot stay open, which is why the key needs to be requested with every use. If you would like support from our team to address the doorperson, or want a description of the way to the main building, we’ll be happy to provide that.

Please contact us if you need further forms of support or if you have questions regarding accessibility to the Solifest.